Restore MMM Nigeria Trust & Sincerity

Please, let us try to do the right thing on time.

1. When you request to provide help and you are not matched yet but you have used the money to do something else. Please, Just go and cancel the request before you are matched, to avoid disappointing the person you will be matched to.

2. Please when you are already matched i.e. you have been given an order to go and pay somebody. And you know fully well you don’t have the money. Please don’t let 48hours to finish. You don’t need to waste the person’s time, just go to your PO and click *”I refuse to make payment. So MMM will block the order on time and tell another person to pay the participant since you are not a serious MAVRODIAN or don’t know what it means to be in the system; please avoid being called and reminded by the person who need help and don’t waste the person time for 48hours.

Restore MMM Trust & Sincerity

3. If you get help and you receive a proof of payment, maybe through alert, check it with ATM machine or through mobile banking or your bank directly. And Please go and confirm the person that volunteer to pay you that money. Because how will you feel if you pay somebody and he/she does not confirm you on time, you are now making him/her to go through the stress of writing to support. That’s really unfair enough and we all know that this system is based to correct all unfairness.

4. Please if you have an active MMM transaction always ensure your mobile phone is available so that you can be easily communicated to during transaction. Example like you what to Get Help, and the person try to call you to get one of your details in other to do a better transaction. Always Charge your phone and don’t switch it off whenever you’ve pending Order.

5. And If you are matched and you have the money. Try to pay on time to avoid last minute payment. There are many reported cases like this; “I pay the money but I was not able to upload my proof of payment because the time finish before I get home, network etc. Sometimes, the last minutes you want to do internet transfer, network or bank can fail you and there is no time anymore for alternative.

Take note MMM Nigeria is an abstract platform. And it is us the participants that make it a body, as our actions and inactions matters a lot.

Thanks as you try your best to pay on time, to confirm POP on time and to cancel request of help on time if you don’t have the money.

Thanks for complying and have a pleasant day… Join MMM Nigeria

Yours faithfully,
Adewale Abimbade



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