5 places you must use keyword in your blog post

It doesn’t stop at understanding the use of keywords; you need to know how to use it properly in your post. Today at BMB we are sharing with you the 5 places you must use keywords for you to successfully rank in that particular keyword.

Writing a blog post takes formatting, if you will agree. You don’t just jump into it, you take it step by step. There is introduction part to body and lastly conclusion_ let’s not forget the title and post heading. Following this there are places you must use keywords to achieve a well keyword optimized post.

use keywords in your blog post

Important Places you must use keywords

Fortunately, the 5 place you must use keywords in your blog post is pretty straight forward, in fact you might already be doing it or some of it. so, let’s give it a break down

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Blog post title

The first place you must use keyword is your blog post title. Yes! We are taking it from the top to you know, the title comes first and it is very important to your blog post. It gives your reader a firsthand intro of what the post content is all about. But the fun part of the blog post title is; it doesn’t only tell the reader what the blog content is about, it tells Google also. So you know what I mean? For best result, start your title with the keyword and then balance it up with attractive words.


This is the heart of your blog post, your keyword should appear in your blog content at least twice. This shouldn’t be a problem since as you’re writing about the topic the keyword should come up naturally. After writing if you feel the keyword didn’t appear as much, you can go through the post are see where keywords will fit without making your blog post look face.
Note though, try as much to let a keyword appear in the first paragraph of your blog post.


Headings and Sub-Heading not only make your blog look clean and professional, it gives reader easy way to scan your blog and find what they need. Plus it also help Google determine what your blog post is all about. Headings go into “H” tag in HTML usually from “H1” to “H6” each with different font size depending on your theme or template.

The most important header for Google is “H1” which is the one that should carry your most important title i.e keyworded title. The value goes down to H6 which is the least important.

Picture attachment

It is very important to optimize your blog post image with keyword to rank even on image Google search. True fact, Google have hard time reading image content. It’s like Google have image blindness.
So how do you optimize your blog post image with keyword?

Easy! The best way to tell Google what is on the image or what it is all about is by filling in the “Title” and “alternate text” description. Make sure you add the keyword in the image description. That is the only way Google will rank your for the Keyword.
Hint: Use your Title for your image Alt tags

URL / Permalink

Make sure your URL to the post is carrying the keyword used in the blog post. Don’t just click on publish without reviewing your URL. Try to remove unnecessary words or some random number that is common on WordPress suggested url.

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Now you know the 5 places you must use keywords in your blog post. It is time to work things differently and write a blog post that make a different. You can also go back and make necessary optimization on your old posts. FYI, there are other places you can place your keyword in your blog post but we only talk about those 5 because they are the most important.



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