NDIC Threatens To Shutdown MMM

Some of you have been calling me to ask me if it is possible the NDIC shutdown MMM and below is my response.

NDIC Shutdown MMM

I. All the threats we have been hearing left, right & centre, there is not even one stating a section or subsection of the law of this country attacking MMM, bcoz none exists.

II. They said no insurance in MMM, but what happen to those people that lose their money in the bankrupted banks and stock exchange where there are insurance.

III. If the Government want to shutdown MMM, they wouldn’t try using the media to create panic when they can just act. But, wait ooo, Who are they really protecting?

  • Is it the participants that already know the risk and still embark?
  • The bank beaten at their own game and don’t even have the balls to step up?
  • The stock exchange that brokers can’t even understand the market anymore?
  • The workers that can’t get their salaries or million that can’t even get a job?

Keep the answers to yourself but think again, y will d government try to create panic in the community using the media, if they could just act?

United we stand & Divided we fall (Panic is an element for division).. Join MMM Nigeria Now




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    November 10, 2016 at 6:27 am

    they want to enslave us financially. Ppl who say mmm is a scam dnt even know jack shit about it. Fg wants us to suffer more

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