MMM The Refuted Saviour Of Our Nation

MMM Nigeria The Refuted Saviour Of Our Nation

Times are hard, voices of inhabitants waken the call for questions as: how long? Would it ever end? Are there any hopes for tomorrow? Would I be alive till then, to be a partaker of the new era to be established? These questions am not sure of any appropriated answers to, but they all lie at the edges of survival? Every being wants to survival, a common saying money is all.

Prices virtually all goods and services rose so high in such a short period, without notice. People move from consuming rice to spaghetti due to price, friends can no longer buy a bottle of groundnut oil, price ranging between 400-500naira in southwest, which previously was between 200-260naira.

Lots of people buy Onions Indomie because of a small sachet of oil included in the package. Our government have failed to do their primary assignment which is taking care of its citizens. Salaries are been owed 4,5,6,8 months, in some other place half payment.

Then the question is: how do we intend to survive? When our government just tells us oh you guys should hold on, hang in there, but for how long? What will happen when hunger rise with it, vices beyond our own comprehension? What will they do then?

Having knowing the present issues at hand, there are a lots of solutions people might provide, but there is one. Which I called the Refuted MMM, which promise a 30% growth of the money you use to provide help in 30days.

MMM isn’t a business, or an investment which is the perspective that the government, SEC and some other Nigerians see it to be. But in the actual form, it far from been a business setup rather it is a financial aid program with aim to improve the standard of living of people. Allegations such as the sergie mavordi (the one who created MMM) is an ex-convict, MMM is fraud or scam therefore it shouldn’t be trusted, MMM would soon crash and many others. Some not all do I agree with.

Taking about Sergie Mavordi, yeah, he is an ex-convict but I don’t see the issue there, Obasanjo was once jailed came back and rule our nation and so many others. So why this issue been the main topic? Why do people use him to paint MMM dark, philosophers would call that argument fallacies of attacking the person. We are here to talk about MMM not him being an ex-convict. My old man sometimes says to us whenever he asks for our opinions, he says “sometimes a Madman speaks sense”.

MMM is fraud, how? Have you ever wonder how that is a scam? When MMM has no central account. We do not pay any money of any form to any accounts related to him or his program, rather we pay to participants which happen to be Nigerian as ourselves. On his main page ( he made it aware of the risks, stating clearly that only our spare money should be used. So why would you want to scam people and yet tell them the whole truth.

So would it profit him if MMM crashes? He has no money of ours at his reach, so? What would he run away with? Assuming he is going to run. Therefore, I say MMM been a scam is a baseless argument.
A more reasonable argument is, MMM would crash, that one day MMM would be no more. It possible for that event to occur. Cause MMM like our banks relies solely on our investments from both new parties and old.

Let take a look at this, a bank such as first bank who have won the bank of the year 5times consequently from 2011-2015, has all its member withdraw the money at once, and change from First Bank to perhaps GTbank. What would be the fate of First Bank? Same is MMM. MMM will continue to run as long as old and new members keep on providing help. That circle will never bridge.

Finally, lots has been said, all these just to put everyone on the right track, to mitigate every misconception or dichotomy that might be residing in our minds. Its a financial aid program not a business, it does not go against any of our religious believe. The holy bible says give and it shall be given onto you good measures and shaking over.

The Glorious Quran, Quran 2:271 talks about sadaqaat (almsgiving), am also sure that other religions or faiths agree with this. That is why MMM operates on 2 operations, providing help and getting help. Nothing beyond this is ever done. This is the truth nothing more nothing less. Together we are better, strong, and intelligent. Together we can change the world.

Article by Kayode Ajayi

God bless us all.

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