Reason MMM Nigeria is Not An Investment Program

Reason MMM Nigeria is Not An Investment Program – Read Below

MMM Nigeria does not offer any return on investments and 30% per month in not an interest rate. Because MMM is not an investment program and it is not possible to use MMM for investing money. MMM is a matching platform where people exchange money between themselves. People send money to each other without obligations or promises. So MMM members donate money to each other. Not invest them.

After a member donates money, he can be rewarded with Mavro. Mavro is a score of members’ activity. Mavro can grow at the rate of 30% per month. But there are a lot of other parameters of Mavro: confirmation status, freezing status, rate, etc. MMM will not collapse even if people will stop join it. Because the amount and other parameters of Mavro can be easily adjusted to make the matching process non-stoppable and permanent.

Mavro is not a financial asset. It is a just an instrument for encouraging members to donates and balancing matching process… Join MMM Nigeria Now



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