MMM Nigeria Abbreviations

MMM Nigeria Abbreviations You Should Know

  • PH – Provide Help
    GH – Get Help
    PO – Personal/Private Online Office
    DL – Downline
    UL – Upline (Your Referrer & Guider & Guider’s Guider)
    PMT – Payment
    EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
    POP – Proof of Payment
    DD – Direct Deposit
    CRO – (Control and Revision Officers) MMM Policing body who monitors MMM System & Participants to ensure rules are being adhered to and participation is fair and respectful.
  • MORATORIUM – Your MMM Account has been frozen. 1st sign – you cannot GH or no PH Allocations. You need to verify yourself. Create Support Ticket, submit ID, Copy of Bank Card, Bank Verification Letter which states your full name, ID, Bank Card and Bank Account Number, and all your social media links ie Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • LOH – Letter of Happiness
    VOH – Video of Happiness
    WA – WhatsApp
    VN – WhatsApp Voice Note
    PEEPS – Beautiful MMM Participants.

I hope it will help you to understand most abbreviations used in MMM Nigeria. Join Now



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