Majid Michel: I’m Done With Sex Motivated Movies

Majid Michel is a popular actor who considered to be one of the most handsome and s*xy men in the industry. He is known to be fond of showing his B.uttocks in his movies as well as engaging in passionate s*x scenes.

Majid Michel

However, the actor, who has recently professed a new found faith, has told fans not to expect any Raunc#y act from him again.

The Ghanaian ‘Majid Michel actor who is dwelling in his new found faith, having attended several churches preaching and performing wonders, will now be regulating whatever roles he would be given to act in movies.

Speaking with Hitz FM in an interview, the actor who intends to propel the viewer’s spirit by impacting good morals in them said.

I’m going to regulate whatever provokes the emotions of man, be it $exually or any negative way. I won’t stop being bad in movies but I will regulate the kind of bad scenes you will see,

You will not see my B.uttocks, you will not see $exually explicit scenes, you won’t hear bad language but you will identify things that will propel your spirit to somewhere great. Basically we will reduce all the explicit scenes you used to see.



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