Increase Your Ads Revenue with Ezoic

Increase your AdSense earning with Ezoic

There are lots of ways you Increase Your Ads Revenue, some include; changing your ads placement, changing you ads size, and changing your ads type. But non of it seems to be working lately. I have read a lot of messages and threads about AdSense revenue suddenly dropping and RPM dropping and all. Fixing it seems impossible. That is because you are doing it wrong. Fixing it is not the solution; the solution is to approach it from a new direction. Adsense is not failing but revolving, you need to go with it. That is where Ezoic comes in: your solution and way to Increase Your Ads Revenue.

ezoic ads

Some of you are just hearing about Ezoic for the first time why some heard but don’t know what its all about. Well! We will get to that. Am going to not only tell you what you need to know about ezoic, I am going to show you how Ezoic increases my earning by over 300% within a week. I am not talking about some black-hat cheat to trick Adsense and probably get ban, am talking about legit ways you can hip your AdSense revenue. Ways that give you access to displaying up to 5 AdSense ads without violation Google Adsense TOC, way you will make you ads unit interactive with your theme or template. Am talking about Ezoic the proving way to Increase Your Ads Revenue.

Over the year there has been so many complain from Adsense publishers about revenue drop and Blank ads displaying on site. Google notice this and informed us to optimize our unsold Ad inventories with DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google even recommends doing Split testing or A/B testing of AdSense ads on your site to optimize your AdSense. All this testing and stuff can be a serious headache_ in terms of time and waiting for result. As that been the case, we need more user friendly and automated ads monetization system that can test different ad size on different location automatically to determine the best and most suitable ads for the website and thus display high bidding  Ads on our blogs

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. The Google Certified Publishing Partner program is a new program created in 2015 that aims to select and certify the most helpful and trustworthy companies that help online publishers.

What does Ezoic do for Publishers?

Ezoic provide a automated testing platform for publishers. You can maximize revenue and improve your user experience by using Ezoic platform to test both ad position and new layouts of your website. Some of the benefits of using Ezoic platform include:

  • Test thousands of ad positions and combinations on both your own website layout or on new layouts – you earn more than double on average.
  • Test new layouts and ads on all devices so you get amazing experiences on mobile phones and tablets
  • Test new layouts to improve user experience time on site, bounce rate, pageviews / visit
  • Improved user experience often leads to improved search rankings and traffic.
  • A faster website. We use all the best practices to speed up your website. We have servers in 4 data centers around the world and use a CDN in 28 locations. No changes to your website required.

Why we use Ezoic?

Research take us to finding out about Ezoic on one of our trusted and resource website, we are on the mission to optimize out AdSense ads and increase our AdSense earning while doing that. From our research on Ezoic, we conclude that Ezoic might just be the best tool to accomplish our mission. We test Ezoic platform on one of our Entertainment blog TIMEOFNAIJA.COM and the result was beyond perfect. The site is a new site hosted on wordpress, and its not making anything I mean literarily the site is not making any money but we do use it for research and to test new stuff. Here is the experience of the site when we integrate it with Ezoic.

over 300% increase within a week

Within a week of start our site with Ezoic, our revenue increase by over 300%. To us, this is a trimendious improvement and we just cant wait to start using it with BMB.

How Ezoic will help your site and Increase Your Ads Revenue?

Ezoic help us display over 5 Adsense content unit.

Within few hours we integrate Ezoic with BMB we were able to display 5 AdSense ads on every single page of our blog without any empty space or blank ads. The ads come from Google’s Doubleclick Ad exchange as well as other ad networks and exchanges managed by Ezoic who all bid for the inventory.

See the screenshots below:

this are ads on my site

All we did was just to install Ezoic code on different location of our site. Ezoic automatically displays different ad sizes for different devices on your site. You can choose which device sees your ad and what sizes of ads should be shown in your selected ad units. All this is done with a simple click of a mouse using Ezoic’s Ad Tester App.

ads tester on ezoic

How do you receive payments from Ezoic?

Unlike AdSense which pays mostly through Wire transfer, EFT or Western Union, Ezoic pays you straight through paypal, Dwolla, check or Payoneer. Plus the minimum payment threshold is just $20.

There are a number of payment methods you can choose from including:
1) Check – requires name and address
2) Paypal – requires only paypal address
3) Dwolla Email – requires only Dwolla email address
4) Dwolla ID – requires only Dwolla ID
5) US Bank Transfer Via Payoneer – will deposit money directly into your domestic account
6) International Bank Transfer Via Payoneer – will deposit your money directly into your international account in the currency of your country

Getting started with Ezoic

Important Tips to use Ezoic’s Apps and Tools
Using Ezoic is very easy, thanks to their 24/7 Live help and customer support system. Yes, Ezoic can offer you all this
1.    Increase Your Ads Revenue
2.    Access to Google’s ad Exchange where thousands of advertisers bid for your unsold inventory.
3.    Most importantly the ability to show 5 ads per page!

Here is some of the things you need to do to integrate Ezoic on your blog or website.

Integrating Ezoic with your site

There are two options to this

Change Name Servers Option

This is the most common and easiest option to integrate your site with Ezoic. It involves changing your name servers to Ezoic custom name server. This allows Ezoic to optimize the ad sizes and locations automatically and Increase Your Ads Revenue. Changing your name server won’t affect your site’s health nor will you experience down time. Do backup your old domain name serves if in case you wished to switch back.

Installing Ezoic’s code option

Another option is to install Ezoic’s code directly on your blogger blog or wordpress blog. It is just a simple script code you need to add just below your site starting Head tag.

Let Ezoic manage your AdSense

This is the part where you connect your AdSense to your Ezoic account. This program give Ezoic a read only access to your Adsense account to use it as a control for testing and to pull your Adsense Statistics into Ezoic dashboard for status report.
This option will provide you with different in-depth insights on how your ads are performing for different mobile/desktop/tablet devices:

You will also be able to check your earnings through filters.

Must Install Mediation App

The mediation app will allow you to link your AdSense account to the Ezoic system. This will allow your AdSense to compete in the Ad Exchange for the ad inventory, ensuring that the highest bidder is always serving the ads for your site thus Increase Your Ads Revenue.

You can easily install it from Ezoic’s appstore

Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange

On your Ezoic dashboard you should see a new check box that says “Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange”. I will recommend you do so and register. This will give you access to thousands of ad networks and advertisers who want to bid for your site’s inventory using Google’s ad exchange.

Install Ezoic Chrome Extension

For you to get the best result from using Ezoic, it need to test as many ad location as possible and as many size. Though this depend on your website structure/ layout, it can be very difficult to add tens or hundreds of ad placeholders to your site manually. Therefore, it better to use the new Ezoic Chrome Extension. With this extension, it took just seconds to add over 20 ad placeholder.Ezoic ads placeholder on bmb

Using this extension on your chrome browser, all it takes to create ad placeholder on your site is a single click. You can simply highlight-and-click to add new ad placeholders to your site and the Ezoic Platform will test them for you. Check the screenshot below which gives a quick demonstration of how can different ads sizes look on your site. You can then choose the best ad sizes based on ad size and position on Ezoic



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  1. Gayatri

    May 20, 2016 at 3:12 am

    This is Great. Please I Have tried using them but looks odd with ads placement but hope the tester finally optimize a static position.

    • Dammy john

      May 21, 2016 at 11:00 am

      Exoic is better now.
      More flexibility, you can optimize the way you want.
      You can now use your own theme or choose their theme.
      Choose the max no. Of ads you want on your site.
      Give it a try.

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