How long should be the length of a blog post?

blog-post-lengthWhile writing a blog post what always come to a bloggers mind is how long their post should be or when to stop writing. There is no rule on the length of a blog post. You can share same idea in 300 words or 1000 words all that matter are that your blog is long enough to serve the purpose of your post. Lets talk more on how long an ideal post should be.

So how long should be your post?

First thing you should keep in mind especially the new bloggers is not to fear your blog post length since I doesn’t actually matter as long as they are relevant, interesting and well organized.


  • Try to make your point in straight forward way.
  • Do not write unwanted stuff in your post just to make it long.
  • Sometimes long post can be boring so you want to keep your post as simple as possible.
  • Not too short as they might get ignored by your readers.
  • Keep your blog organize and tidy.


The right time to stop writing is When you feel comfortable that you have written what you intend to share with your audience.

There is no word limit but try to write blog post of 500-600 words just keep it informative as you can and if your blog is about Technology, Entertainment, News  or something that requires several post a day then your article should be short straight forward and like around 300 words each.

How to organize you blog post?

When writing a post make sure you organize it properly. Apply and use suitable sub-headings  and  Add relevant and eye catching graphics. Note that the more organize your post is the more readers you will attract. Add relevant image inside your post to explain your point more clearer.


If you are still not sure about your post length then check out other blog of you niche to get clear idea. Get inspired from them


Learn from the Professionals.

If you have any QUESTION or have problem implementing this widget to your blog leave a comment below i will be happy to help you out.



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