Helpful 10 Tips To Make Your Blog Popular and Increase Your Site Rank and SEO

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Running and maintaining blog is not an easy task and the main objective of it is to make your blog known and popular. the question ask is how do you do this. well the answer is not far all needed is time and determination plus following this few blogging tips am about to share. A successful blog is not achieved over night it requires patience and hard work.

This are some of the tips that every blogger must know to boost their blog popularity and traffic. Especially if you just started blogging or you are still planning to start then this is just a welcome tips for you.

1. Blog Theme/Template  (Look/layout)

Note that first impression really matter in blogging so Choosing Blog Template should be your first step in starting a blog. there are whole lot of supper cool template out there to select and there are  free to download. Choose your template wisely, you blog content must be able to relate with your template layout. and avoid complicated template_just make it simple and fun. you will be okay.


2. Easy Navigation

You blog should be simple and easy to navigate. This is good for your SEO as well as your blog visitor. You can achieve this by adding a Drop down Menu, Categories List on the sidebar and widgets for Popular and Recent posts.

3. SEO Friendly

Learn what is there to learn about SEO. There are lot of SEO tutorial site and you can as well get some useful tips on it here too. Write SEO friendly post title as well as post content. This can really help you to make your blog popular.

4. Post Length

The length of your blog should be about 700 – 1400 words. though there is no law on post length but it does matter if you want to rank higher on Google search engine and page rank. your post length strongly depend on your niche.
  • Learn about post length.
 If your blog is on technology or entertainment your post can be small but you should post more then 2 times a day. In simple words it depends on nature of blog but always try to post your article with more then 700 words.

5. Social Media

Social Media plays Important role in promoting and boosting your blog traffic. Most blog receive traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ So its very important to engage on social medial sharing  increase followers on social media sites.

  • Adding Facebook Like Box To Your Blog

6. Post Image

While writing blog article always add attractive images to your post and don’t forget to Optimize it. As it will give that professional look to you post plus attract more visitors to read your article. But always make sure to choose images that are relevant to content of your article.

7. Appreciate Followers

Just as customer is important in marketing, followers and subscribers are very important in blogging. Always stay connected with your blog visitors. Check your comments frequently and answer their questions. Appreciate them for their comments and reading your article doing this will make them want more..

8. Do not copy

Do not copy doesn’t mean that you can not post what your fellow blogger had already posted. It mean that  you can not copy and paste it on your blog. You can post it in your own style with your flavor and by giving credits to your fellow bloggers who first posted it.


9. Contests

Always start interesting contests that benefits your blog visitors to keep your readers active and increase your blog followers and please don’t be boring. its not a must you write a long post.

10. Post Regularly

Good blogger always posts regularly and keep their readers up to date. Posting regularly will help you to increase your site rank.

Have any question?

If you have any question on this topic or have any other question or suggestion then leave a comment below. We will be glad to help you.



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  1. julinxx

    August 1, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Hi dear I just came across your blog pls I need your help on something

    I have tired to apply for google adsense before but they always reject my request then I was not getting up to 1k in views in a day

    But now I do have like 3k,4k,5k,6,7k veiws in a day pls I want to apply again but before I do that I want you to pls check my blog if there is something am not doing right before I Apply again. Thanks hope to here from you soon

    • Dammyjohn

      August 2, 2015 at 5:09 pm

      i have send your site review to your email and some quality tips to follow.
      good luck and i hope they work for you.

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