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AdSense and other publishing network is how you get paid for your hard work and time you spend working on quality and engaging content on your site, but the only way to make the right amount of that money is to follow the rules and do it right. All that in check, then we can move up to optimizing your adsense earning which is not just about add the ads but also adding it right. We will be talking All you need to know about Adsense page-level ads, how to setup Adsense page-level ads,

google adsense page-level ads

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Page-level ads is another ads unit on adsense platform and was recently rolled out and now available for bloggers and webmaster to use. Adsense page-level ads is another way to monetize your mobile template and make more with your mobile site. With Page-level ads you can either display anchor/overlay which allow you to show a floating adsense mobile ad on that stick to the edge of the user’s screen or Vignette ads that allow you to display mobile full-screen ads that will appear between page loads or even choose both. For user good experience, adsense will control automatically and only show Page-level ads at the best times and not every time. all you need to do is just add the Page-level ads code to your theme or template.

Some Interesting features of AdSense Page-level ads

  • They don’t count towards your content ad limit per page. so there is no need to reduce your already running adsense ads
  • They’re optimized by AdSense. Page-level ads only appear at the best time they are likely to perform well.
  • Its optimized to increase your revenue as well as user experience
  • It only display on mobile optimized websites
  • The settings is easy to change and can be turned on or off with a simple click of a bottom from My ads tab in your AdSense account. Of course after you have implement the ads code
  • you don’t need to change the ads code to change your Page-level ad settings
  • Its mobile responsive

Page-level ads Ads format

There are currently two ads format on page-level ads:

google adsense page-level ads format

Also check:

Anchor/overlay ads

Anchor/overlay ads are mobile optimized ads that stick to the lower edge of the user’s screen and can be dismissed easily with the toggle down button at its top. The ads get its Anchor / overlay name because of the way it perform. When the ads load, an anchor is displayed with the Ads overlay on it at the bottom of the page.

Vignette ads

Vignette ads is the second Page-Level ads format, is a full page mobile display ads that are shown to users when they are about to leave the webpage. It perform like popup ads but quite different in the sense that the ads only show when user is living the current page to another page on the site. The ads popup between that page loads. Vignette ads can as well be easily dismiss with just a click on the “Close ad” button on the ads.

A close on the Vignette ads will take you to the page you are trying to load before the ads popup

Page-level ads only Popup on time they will best perform and not every time, at optimum time and on high-end mobile device. Nobody likes ads that Popup every time_ it can be frustrating.

How to Setup and Implement Adsense Page-level ads on your website?

Did I mention that To enable AdSense Page Level Ads on your website is very easy. Giving you in step by step:

  • Log in to your AdSense account
  • Click on My Ads tab
  • On the sidebar, click on Content then from the drop down >> Page level ads or follow this LINK.
  • Use the toggle buttons to switch on Anchor/Overlay and Vignette ads.

enable Adsense Anchoroverlay ads

  • After that, scroll down to the section which says “Add the code for Page-level ads to your pages” and click Get Code.

we are almost down.

Implement Page leve ads

When switching on the page-level ads format, you can switch on both the Anchor / overlay and Vignette ads or just one if you don’t want to display both on your website.

Now you need to copy and paste this Ads Code to your website <head> tag or at the top of the <body> tag of pages you want to show the ads. like you did with Google Analytic Code, remember?

  • Lastly, you can test your Page-level ads with the preview tool. ( -if you want)

The ads might not show on your mobile immidiatly because the ads only shows at optimal time therefore to check if they’re are working fine, you need to use the Preview tool

How to test Adsense Page-level ads?

This is a bit complicated but pretty simple as long as you follow the steps below.

Test Page level ads by AdSense

  • On your mobile devise, visit your website / blog and go to the page where you wish to test it
  • In the address bar of your mobile device, add #googleads to the end of your page’s URL, e.g., www.bestmanblog.com#googleads in our case
  • Select the ad format you want to test from the tabbed box that will appear just above your blog body.
  • you can just click ok to close the preview window when you are done testing.

Pieces of cake, right? P.S! you need to test your page-level ads on mobile devices and not laptop, not tablet and may not work on some large screen phablet

If the testing preview tool is not working, here are few things you can do.

  • make sure you are using a mobile device to test
  • refresh the page where you want to test the page-level ads or simple navigate to another page on the site and add the #googleads tag to its URl
  • Try testing it on another mobile device
  • Double check if you have place the ads code in the right place_ which is in the <head> tag or at the top of the body of the page you want to display it.

Google AdSense page-level ads is the now one of the best solution to monetize your mobile website and increase your adsense revenue. The page-level ads was launched late last year on Beta and over that time alot of work has been done on it to make it perfect for both publishers and site users. Now tested okay and already in use by a lot of top blog and website. You know you can go for it.

Tracking the performance of Page-level ads

You want to check how your Page-Level ads are doing?

You can track your page-level ads performance normally like you do with your other ads unit. Simply go to your adsense Performance reports tab, you will get the page-level ads performance data under the “Vignettes” and “Anchor/overlays” labels in the report.

You find this helpful? why not share with your friends. Tell us your experience, or if you have questions for us through the comment section. plus your suggestions and advice are also welcome.



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