GiversForum – Make 40% Of Your Investment

GiversForum – Make 40% Of Your Investment (PH)

GiversForum is a dynamic platform where you can PH and GH every week in NAIRA up to 10% weekly and 40% monthly. Yes. 40% monthly (MMM is just 30%)

I bring you ONLY good news like always..

You don’t need Guiders or Managers because it is a convenient platform where everyone is a Manager and Guider. There is no need to apply and go to guiders’ school before you can earn easily from your indirect downlines.

Earn as ordinary member

  • LEVEL 1 ——–10%
  • LEVEL 2———5%
  • LEVEL 3———3%
  • LEVEL 4———1%.

For example; If You PH 50k you will GH 55K AFTER 7 days, or 70k after 30days.

How Does GiversForum Work

You become a member by registering FREE on our site, when filling the registration form, remember to type as your referral.

You log into your account known as Personal Office with the login details you registered with.

You declare the willingness to donate (“Provide Help”), after which your account will be rewarded with the same amount you pledged.

Your money will start growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 10% per week with other bonuses (Calculation of reward occurs every day) This sum shows how much you can request for yourself after a week of making the pledge and paying out to the receiving participant.

Say you have announced willingness to assist with N100,000. You will be rewarded in your Private Office with N100,000. And it will immediately start growing! A week later, this N100,000 will become N110,000 and in a month, it becomes N140,000.

Accordingly, you will be able to request assistance for N110,000 in the first week, N120,000 in the 2nd week, N130,000 in the 3rd week and N140,000 in the 4th week. All after your pledge might have been transferred and confirmed.

Request for providing help comes to you in your personal office. If you do not do it within 48 hours during the week and 96 hours on weekends, you will be removed from the system. (For ever and ever) and can’t register with the same name again.

Please note that the use of the words 10% a week cannot be considered as a yield or interest rate since the funds were given away in goodwill, we are not earning anything anywhere (we are a mutual-aid fund), it’s purely a reward for taking a risk to help a fellow participant.

GiversForum Bonuses

Apart from weekly 10% reward, here are other ways members get rewarded in GiversForum. When registering in the system, you get a one time reward from N1,000 to N50,000 as a token of appreciation for stepping out to help humanity (Strictly for those who make pledges immediately).

  • Donations from 20,000 earns a reward of 1,000
  • Donations from 200,000 – earns a reward of 5,000
  • Donations from 500,000 – earns a reward of 10,000
  • Donations from 1,000,000 – earns a reward 20,000
  • Donations from 2,000,000 – earns a reward 50,000

GiverForum Referral Bonus

Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that the GiversForum can’t exist without people, these bonuses motivate members to take an active position and spread the good news with their contacts.

  • 1st generation – 10%
  • 2nd generation – 5%
  • 3rd generation – 3%
  • 4th generation – 1%

How to Participate in GiverForum

So, you decided to participate in GIVERS FORUM. How to do that? It is simple! Just go directly with this points.

  1. Register on the website
  2. Enter the Personal Office (PO).
  3. There will be two big buttons: “Provide Help” and “Get Help”.
  4. If you want to put your money, so click “Provide Help” and point the sum of money, you would like to put in the System. The minimal sum is N5,000.
  5. You will get in the same moment the amount in your Earnings, and they begin to grow with the rates of 10% per week.
  6. Then you will get the order with bank details of a participant that you must transfer the money.
    The order will also have the contact details of that man, so you can talk with him if you wish and make sure, that he is real and alive, same as You are.
  7. There is no central account in GIVERS FORUM, to collect all the money of participants (and from where they could be stolen easily). All the money transfers are made directly between participants.
  8. It means that everything is quite clear and honest. GIVERSFORUM plays just a role as some kind of a dispatch, which connect the participants.
  9. Transfer the money to that participant, upload evidence of payment. He confirms the receipt, and after that Your Earnings becomes “confirmed”. That’s it! Now You can ask for help at any moment after one week.
  10. If you want to Get Help, click “Get Help” and point the sum.
  11. Another participant will get the order and he will transfer money to You, just as You did before. But don’t forget to confirm the money received, after You get the money to Your bank account. (Not before! Beware of fraudsters!).

Please don’t forget to send your testimonies to

Don’t sit on the fence like when MMM started and be a latecomer. Now it’s a household name. Join the early birds and be financially okay within a very short time.

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