Contrary To What Most of Us Think About MMM

Never forget, the idea of MMM isn’t to replace your daily job, business, or creativity, its not to encourage slower thought processes, rather to give u a soft landing in the pursuit of your goals and aspirations.

Because its only in the engagement of trade and industry that an economy can grow. It means that no matter what we say about Nigeria, if we are not doing anything, developmental wise, to ensure its growth, it won’t grow.

That’s why when u look at the farthest right side of your Mavro section, u see where it says “dreams”. That’s literally asking what u wish to accomplish with the money u make from MMM.

When MMM says it wants to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, the question u should ask yourself is, “what does the rich do that makes them rich?”. The simple answer is Trade, Industry and investments otherwise known as Business engagements.

So if we know that MMM is not a business or investment or bank, then what it in turn tells u is that its here to give u a conducive financial environment to ensure that u can afford the basic things in life, that u can be comfortable, while at the same time being able to have the means to pursue your dreams, goals, build your business, your industry or your services outfit.

MMM is here to build you up, not make u lose creativity or become dormant towards economic development and its machinery.

“Any knowledge that doesn’t tell u what to stop doing and what to start doing is a waste”.




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